Project Activities

  1. Tarımsal kooperatif ve işletmelerin ihtiyaç ve swot analizi
  2. Tarımsal işletmelerin faaliyet, ana karakteristikleri, beklentileri, son gelişmeler ve rekabet gibi değişkenler yönü ile analizi
  3. Tarımsal kooperatif ve işletmelerin kuruluş düzeyinde yetkinliklerinin tanımlanması
  4. İş gücü profilinin eğitim, yaş, cinsiyet vb. özellikleri yönü ile tanımlanması.

  5. Determination of needed skills for the workforce in order for the company to achieve its goals and address the challenges and demands of its external environment (new production and distribution techniques, new products, legislations and standardization developments etc)
  6. Determination of existing skills that the workforce possess
  7. Gap analysis, for the determination of the knowledge and skills that the workforce has to acquire
  8. Development of the appropriate Human Resources Practices and more specifically of the training required for the employees to acquire the skills and knowledge needed
  9. Implementation of Job rotations
  10. Evaluation & Revision

AGRO-JRP | Piloting Job Rotation Programme for Employment Development in Agriculture Sector

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission and from Turkish National Agency

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