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Web site: www.utem.gov.tr

The Scope of UTEM is international and national vocational training, technical courses, project management, agricultural extention and consulting services, personal development courses. 

Project activities include project management, need analysis, pilot implementation, dissemination/explotation and evaluation.

Web site: www.pipozitif.com

Nowadays knowledge and knowledge management has come into prominence together with the globalization and rapidly changing conjuncture. PI Consulting Company has become a preference among all the sectors that it provides services for both national and international areas thanks to its dynamic and comprehensive structure and experienced pool of experts. Having a wide network and international human resources capacity, PI Consulting, has been offering services in fields including research-development, policy and strategy making, project development and co-ordination, monitoring, measurement and assessment, institutional coaching, education and organization. PI Consulting has become renowned for providing services in education, culture, regional development, employability, labour market, and agriculture within its sector. By means of its broad client portfolio, PI Consulting has been in collaboration with public institutions, SMEs, regional authorities, NGOs, universities, and other education institutions from Turkey and the European Countries on various sector and fields.
Our Services: • Educational Consulting • Institutional Coaching • Project Development And Management • Research, Measurement And Assessment

Web site: www.kararder.org/

Engineering Association “Karar” (KARARDER) was founded in 15/09/2010 with the purpose to provide social assistance and solidarity between the technical staff (technicians and engineers, technicians working in each issue), improving of working conditions, increasing efficiency and improving life standards, activities, protect and defend the rights,organize trainings and conferences for raising of professional, technical, ethic, moral and cultural levels, preparation of the project for all kinds of professional development and its implementation, implementation of all kinds of project and information works oriented to transactors in the fields where the technical staff work and do all kind of legal workings and activities with the idea of catch up our country to the level of modern nations. Engineering Association “Karar” is producing many joint projects as well as with the European Union and with the members of Association. Our Association prompts his members and engineers to write the projects, supports owners of the project in the implementation phase of their projects and organize conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings about project writing and managing, in order to encourage joint working cooperation.

Web site: www.kektechnopolis.gr

The Scope of Technopolis Ekpaideutiki SA is National and international vocational training, human resources development, project management, studies and researches, consulting services to unemployed people, employees and companies. Its Mission is to provide a complete range of development services to organizations in the public and broader public sector, local government and private sector, based on innovation, quality, client-focused approach and social responsibility.


Web site: www.omegatech.gr

Founded in 1985, Omega Technology is an experienced and well known company in IT services in Greece. The Company serves Greek public bodies, enterprises and other organizations with technology and services made possible by the 25 years of experience. Solutions provided include 3D applications, e-commerce applications, e-learning platforms, document and knowledge management systems, tailor made applications for people with disabilities. The company additionally offers and a broad range of management and services including consulting, research and development, digitization, annotation and preservation of content, hardware supply and installation and technical support. The company is in close cooperation with the Academic society, running several R&D projects. The company is also active in the field of employability and entrepreneurship running R&D projects with Research Institutes, Prefectures, Municipalities, Chambers, Local authorities and departmental organizations. Omega Technology is also conducting research and market validation projects in cooperation with several other RTD performers and market oriented organizations in European Level.

Web site: www.ibimet.cnr

The Institute of Biometeorology of National Research Council Institute was founded in Florence in 2000, by joining 3 preexisting institutes. CNR - IBIMET works to define strategies, develop technologies and explore practical solutions to contribute to the resilience and sustainability related to food, climatic, meteorological and energy emergencies, which are interconnected through a series of key deliverables. IBIMET runs researches in land management, climatology and biometeorology, agriculture and environment and rural development sectors. It studies, designs and develops activities about database, agrometeo, webs, instruments, monitoring, higher education, science education and dissemination. 


Web site: www.sdu.edu.tr/AnaSayfa.aspx ziraat.sdu.edu.tr/en

Suleyman Demirel University (SDU) was founded on 3 July 1992, recently has 18 faculties offering undergraduate education, as well as 4 schools, 20 vocational schools providing two-year degrees, 6 institutes giving graduate education and a number of research and application centres. SDU has been contributing to many developments and innovations in Isparta and the region, namely in the fields of industrialisation, agricultural development and technology. Faculty of agriculture of University (SDUZF) has had nationally and internationally funded projects in agriculture, agronomy and rural development besides providing undergraduate and graduate level training activities since 1994. Recently, SDUZF has about 1300 undergraduate and more than 200 graduate students at nine different departments and conduct many research projects.  Through the high quality level of education R&D capacity updated responsively to the need of time and life  To improve sustainable agriculture and environment friendly technologies; extend their using; develop knowledge and technology in cooperation with producers and industry, and share it stakeholders; train student in order to become agricultural engineers who meet requirements of public and private sectors.



Web site: www.tarimsalkoop.com

Scope: agriculture, food and livestock 

Work area:Training, marketing, import/export 
 Project activities: Need analysis, pilot implementation, dissemination/explotation and evaluation.

Web site: http://alanya.akdeniz.edu.tr

Akdeniz University Alanya Faculty of Business, which was founded in 2005, aims to train qualified managers and other staff  conforming to sector demands. Alanya Faculty of Business undergraduate and graduate levels since 2005 in conjunction with educational activities, has spearheaded many projects in different areas.




Facts & Figures about our faculty:

-  6 undergraduate programs(Business Administration, International Trade, Tourism Managements, Economics and Finance, Human Resource Management, Business Informatics)
 -  3 master degree programs (Tourism Management, Business Administration, International trade)
 -  2 PhD programs (Tourism Management, International Trade) 
-  2800 students  
-  76 international students from 36 different countries


Our mission is:

  • To be an education, training and research institution that is recognized both regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • To train candidates for managers who is equipped with basic business and tourism information,
  • To stay up to date by conducting scientific and industrial research,
  • To take place in training and consultancy services in Alanya and other regions,
  • To maintain a high quality of education and offer qualified scientific and educational environment and opportunities,
To train qualified personnel that is needed by local, regional, national and global markets and business, and also for public administration.


AGRO-JRP | Piloting Job Rotation Programme for Employment Development in Agriculture Sector

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission and from Turkish National Agency

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